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Outside November 6, 2014


Outside my French doors, most would describe this early morning hour as dark and silent. I stepped across the threshold, released the human chatter in my head and listened. My awareness more acute, thanks to a piece about the connection of all things that I read at 4AM.


One lone frog sang his song. The predawn kept him well hidden, but I could see him though his message. “I’m over here, near the pool searching for a winter sustenance.” Trees clattered their drying leaves, a bustle of warning. “Get ready for cold. It is coming.” The Earth breathed, “Live softly upon my surface.” The wind crooned, “Keep my sky free, free so I can dance across your skin.”


There is a reason Holy Ones go to the wilderness to learn about existence and come back with strong messages. “This Earth is a gift. Protect this sacred world and give thanks,” they preach.


Go outside your abode, listen, get back in touch with all that matters. Life feels more perfect when all move with conscious caring, and life will perish without it.


Let the wind hug you, the Earth hold you, the trees speak, and the frog eat, today, all.