The world is questioning my beloved country, the United States of America and what we stand for. They wonder if our country has changed, many here wonder if our country’s values have changed. Has our understanding of the word freedom become distorted?
I believe the majority of we Americans still keep the faith alive, that most agree freedom is – loving that each individual has the right to become the best person they can be-. It’s true freedom has been pushed to some far limits in recent years, and when freedom is distorted in to an excuse to express hate in such a way as in the church killings, it no longer can be called freedom, it can no longer be called a “Right”. That type of expression is called hatred of self spilling over onto others. That is not the American dream and I believe I’m not the only one who thinks such behavior can not be allowed in a free country such as ours. We need to stop listening to expressions of hate of others different from ourselves, question the reasons for believing such vile thinking. We need to protect our true freedom.

When you step outside your doors, do it with love, all. Be free to enjoy our world, feel free enough to enjoy others doing so, too. This is what I believe.