September 11, 2015



Morning comes quiet and peacefully outside my French doors, as it did fourteen years ago. My day started, as this one will, with walks though fields, the scent of horses and doing the things that bring me joy. What will be added is the knowing. Knowing that things can turn upside down. Knowing people can be here and then they can be gone. Knowing that each moment is precious, very precious.


Sometimes, it is easy to resent that we’ve been robbed of the innocence that coated many of our lives before 9/11, easy to get lost in the chaos, easy to cave to the evil wished upon us. But, we Americans are not known for taking the easy route. We are a brave people, believers in hope, and pursuers of happiness.

On this day of remembrance, I will let the acute awareness received on that day bring into focus something worth keeping. Buildings crumbled, but our country’s foundation, built on the spirits of true Americans, is stronger. Those who lost their lives on 9/11 are now part of that base. Their memories remind me that the United States of America is my land, my hope, my children’s future and it is good.

We live in a wonderful country, are blessed beyond measure, and can honor those gone with love, openly and freely. We can express ourselves without fear, we can live our lives, we can simply be. It is a good day for moments, precious moments. Find one and make a memory.