Taking a Chance on Fellow Voters


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Taking a chance and trusting my fellow Americans


I am stepping out on a limb here and talking about politics. This is risky because politics does something crazy to people. It makes good friends argue. I don’t want to start a debate. I’m not really a political person. I simply want those who have not voted yet in this election to pause and think, and read “facts”, not news blurbs, before marking their ballots. I am worried about our country, about my state, my little county, about us. Why? Because…


I am an American, a person with EQUAL rights in this country, a woman, a mother and grandmother of the future generation. I am also a registered Republican who is voting the Democratic ticket in this election, and I want to get my party back to being a true Republican Party.


The Republican machine has become something I am not, that the party I grew up in is not. The Republican spin machine is filled with filthy water and has contaminated even small town politics. Our country can’t progress while spewing dirt and lies across the land. The only way to stop this squalor is to not support it with my vote.


What has this big money funded machine done?

The machine funds those who will do its bidding, finding those to whom money talks. It is not above buying people. It has enticed otherwise good men to vote for and push programs they know are not in the best interest of my state, as it has done in other states. Look at West Virginia. Why? These programs are in the interest of BIG business, and if the politician wants money to fund his campaign he has to do the Machine’s bidding. This is scary and sad.


By pouring “thirty pieces of silver” into the hands of politicians the Machine buys legislation, working from the bottom up. It has bought news media and has lied to “we the people,” knowing most won’t check the facts. Why? Because we have been raised to trust. It has robbed us of that wonderful quality by its actions. A Machine has no morals. A Machine does not care.


It has nothing of its own doing to be proud of, so the strategy is to drag the country down to its level, then the Republican machine, not we Republicans, can be in control. It’s scary to think of a future with this machine in control, especially for those who care about equal rights, schools, the environment, and children.


It knowingly and maliciously maligned the sitting President. Why? Not because he is black. Not because he is bad. The Machine has done this to take a charismatic man out of the picture during the campaign season. It’s strategy. Why? Because the Machine knows, if his rating is high, their agenda will fail. This President has worked hard. The Machine doesn’t care. Be thankful, if it isn’t you that the Machine has targeted to take down, because it will try to take down whatever and whoever clogs its gears.


The Machine’s bottom line agenda is making money for the few who grease its wheels. Both parties have Machines, but the Republican Machine has become a Monster and has taken over our party. I want it back.


I am a woman, a mother and grandmother of the future generation. Because of this, I am also a registered Republican who is voting the Democratic ticket in this election. I want to take my party back from the Machine. I hope I don’t lose friends over this post, but sometimes, you have to step out on a limb to save the forest. Anyone who knows me knows I love the land.


Please, if you’ve read this far and haven’t voted yet, think about these things, do some real research, before going to the polls on Tuesday.


Carrie Underwood at the Opry May 10, 2014


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We traveled from North Carolina to Nashville, Tennessee a week ago to go to the Grand Ole Opry. Why? To see Carrie Underwood, the Charlie Daniels Band and other great country artists. We had second row seats and I was pumped.

The last time I attended the Opry it was still being held in the old Rymam Auditorium in downtown Nashville, and Willie Nelson was in the line up. That tells you a bit about my age, and a bit about my enjoyment of country music.

I became a Carrie Underwood fan when she was a contestant on American Idol. Her voice took my breath away. You could say I was “blown away” by her talent. I’ve seen her in concert twice. Once the year she toured with Keith Urban and last year in Charlotte. Her voice was always perfect and she has improved her stage presence with each performance.

As we waited to go into the Opry for the late showing we could hear her singing Blown Away clear out in the lobby. That girl has power and the place was packed. When it came time for her to come on stage, she was the next to last performer, a couple of security guards sat down in front. The moment they announced her name I understood why. Fans rushed forward to take pictures. The guards made them stay below the level of first row seats, let them take pictures, and then sent them back to their places, so others could come forward. Carrie smiled and sang, never missing a beat. It was quite a sight.

She sang Mama’s Song, for her mother and all the mothers celebrating their big day, and I believe, Last Name, but I was so carried away seeing this tiny woman up close, I don’t really remember. She closed with Before He Cheats. At the Opry, you are allowed two, three at the most, songs and that is all.

Three songs, by this singer, up close and personal was well worth the trip. Her voice is stronger than ever and she now looks relaxed and happy on stage. I guess Carrie Underwood finally believes, as we fans have always, that she belongs up there.

Outside My French Doors into the Unknown


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Outside my French doors, phantoms roam amongst the rooted shadows. Night and day greet each other with their usual monochromatic exchange. Dogs burst forward chasing sounds they can hear, but I can’t. I watch, foot poised over the threshold, voice of reason screaming like a viewer at a horror movie, “Don’t go.” Curiosity leads me forward into the darkness, seeking the shapes that have canine coats standing on edge.


One step, two step, my feet shuffle forward. McGyver pushes against me, his large form reassuring in the dark. I stand still, listen, wait. Slow as our resident box turtle, light begins to illuminate the blackness. A night of rain gives way to the scent of clear air. I pause, let out my held breath and fill my lungs. Morning’s earth sighs in pleasure, and the fragrance awakens all my senses. A soft nicker reaches my ears. I gain courage and move deeper into the yard. Dark phantoms turn into horses, and great monsters turn into trees.

As I turn back to the house, I am greeted by the smile of my own reflection, and I think, ‘a smile is a great thing to run into in the dark’. My scary adventure over, but my day barely beginning, I stroll forward enjoying the dawn and brave beyond reason.

Outside my French doors, I never know what I will find, and this morning I hesitated to go, but curiosity won, as it usually does. It feels good.